How To Choose The Right Hot Water System

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How To Choose The Right Hot Water System

What’s the most efficient hot water system?

Many energy-efficient hot water systems can be directly compared to those of the same fuel type thanks to the government backed ratings standard. The most popular and widely recognized ratings are MEPS (Minimum Efficiency Performance Standard) and gas star ratings.

These ratings are only useful for comparing one type of fuel to another type.

Gas and electricity star ratings cannot be compared on an apples to apples basis.

Want to know more about the types of water heaters? Click Here

What size hot water system do I need?

If you’re a new homebuyer you’ll want to take a close look at this important issue.

The perfect-size water heater will mean fewer trips to the tap when you need to heat more water, less wasted energy heating water you aren’t using, and potential savings on the cost of the unit.

Many factors need to be considered to ensure the water heater you choose is ideal for your home, your family, and your lifestyle.

An average person uses about 50 liters of water per day, but this can vary greatly depending on how often you wash your clothes in hot water, use the dishwasher or how long your showers are.

What brand of water heater is the most reliable?

Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem manufactures a wide range of water heaters, including electric, gas continuous flow, heat pumps, and solar. Gas storage systems also are produced. The brand offers steel systems for extra durability, compact systems for those with tight spaces, and even extra-large systems for your largest projects.

A heat pump system, called “Air Source Heat Pump,” uses heat from the surrounding air to warm water as well as to reduce energy consumption. These include the Rheem MPi 325 Series II Heat Pump and the Rheem Ambiheat HDc270 Heat Pump.

They are said to feature a wrap around heating technology that makes them suitable for cold climates.

Get a quote from Rheem to get it delivered right to your home.

Dux Hot Water Systems

Dux has the most diverse range of hot water systems on the market, including heat pump, continuous flow, electric solar, gas water heaters, as well as electric and gas storage systems. Dux’s storage systems come in a wide range of sizes, usually between 25L and 400L. With continuous flow, it’s all about the water pressure!

You can visit the website to book your new hot water heater, find out about any rebate programs available and register your new hot water heater.

Vulcan Hot Water Systems

Vulcan promises quality and performance from their hot water systems at an ‘affordable price’. According to the brand, it’s water heaters are built with high quality materials and have durable and flexible features like storage tanks made from tough and durable steel that can withstand various pressures. Vulcan sells both gas and electric hot water systems in different model sizes.

You can obtain a quote for any project from Vulcan’s website.

Thermann Hot Water Systems

Thermann sells several hot water systems, including continuous flow, heat pump, solar, and storage hot water systems.

Hot water prices range from around $450 for an electric storage hot water system to almost $8, 000 for a gas boosted solar hot water system that has a 400L capacity.

Most Thermann hot water systems are protected by a seven or 12 year warranty.

Rinnai Hot Water Systems

Rinnai offers several hot water systems and solar hot water systems, including hot water storage systems.

The Infinity gas boiler is made for those looking for a top of the line electronic water heating system.

The Instantaneous line includes Flowmaster 10, a compact unit that doesn’t require a power point and is typically ideal for people with only a small demand for hot water.

AquaMAX Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX produces gas and electric storage hot water systems.

There’s a premium range of stainless steel water gas storage systems available that claim to be lighter, more energy efficient, and easier to maintain than other steel storage systems. This can be useful if you want to reduce maintenance costs since you won’t need to replace the anodes or get them checked out. This type of unit isn’t recommended for hard water or bore water.

As an alternative to the Aquastar AquaMAX water heater, you could check out the Aquastar UltraLite electric water heater. These units have a vitreous enamel lining which apparently makes them compatible with most water types, such as hard water found in regional areas.

Solahart Hot Water Systems

You wouldn’t guess from the name, but Solahart provides hot water systems that use the heat of the sun as their energy source, which is arguably better for your home, bank balance, and the planet. Solahart also helps you save money and increase the value of your home by allowing you to go solar. Solahart’s main range is its rooftop solar hot water systems, which capture heat from the sun. There’s a line of split-system solar hot water heaters, which are the best choice for a solar installation in many parts of the country. They’re easy to install, and the solar collector panel stays on the roof while the tank is on the ground.

You don’t need to think solar power is the best option for your home. You have many other options, such as heat pump water heaters.

For pricing, Solahart encourages you to contact it via its website and provides free on-site solar assessments.

Bosch Hot Water Systems

This Bosch system is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from the mini to the huge, and is designed for single-tank models.Each capacity size for a water system is available in 10L, 13L, and 16L capacities.

The different models additionally come with a few customisable features, such as user controls to adjust temperature and flow. You can go with either Bosch’s internal or external model of the PowerWasher.

This particular hot water system is said to be suitable for households with limited space. However, it may not be the best choice for households with large or additional bathroom needs.

Chromagen (including Midea) Hot Water Systems

Chromagen offers several solar, gas, and heat pump water systems to choose from. The brand says its solar-powered range is among some of the most environmentally-friendly ranges on the market.

It’s Heat Pump range uses a renewable energy heat pump to help reduce your utility bills.

A few standout features of the Series 8500 include the automatic disinfection function, which periodically heats the water to stop the growth of bacteria and salmonella.

How long do hot water heaters usually last?

According to the statistics, the average lifespan of a hot water tank depends a little on the type of hot water system you have.

A continuous flow gas powered hot water system can last 15 to 20 years with proper care.

An electric hot water system has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

How much is a standard hot water heater?

Electric Hot Water System Prices

There are two main types of storage systems: permanent and instant. When stored properly, electric storage systems use heating elements to heat a tank of water that ranges in size from about 25 liters to more than 400 liters. There are many models of electric blankets available, but small sizes start at about $450 and large models are often used with two heating elements to ensure fast heat-up times. With instant water heaters, you don’t have to worry about a tank. Many new high-efficiency tankless models are on the market and offer a variety of styles and prices.

These systems will run you between $700 and $1,600 (Product only)

Gas Hot Water System Prices

Gas hot water heaters can be installed in either an instant or storage type. Although, there is a little more pricing parity amongst these different approaches.

The typical price range for a gas instant system is around $750 to $1900, depending on the number of simultaneous taps or water outlets the device must serve. There is a wide range in gas heater prices. A 135L unit will typically start around $850, while a higher-end 360L unit will cost you up to $1800.

Solar Hot Water System Prices

More and more people are moving to solar-powered hot water. Especially in the sunny parts of the country. Some home improvement projects cost more than others, but most of them save energy and money over time.  When it comes to solar systems, overcast days or cold days are the worst. They require an assist to get things done.

Solar systems come in a few main varieties. Roof-mounted systems are becoming more popular. Base prices for e-boosted roof-mounted solar panels range from about $3800 to $5400 or more.

With a tank on the ground (these are called a split system), electric boosted air conditioners with a tank on the ground are preferable when roofs can’t.

Gas powered split systems range from roughly $3900 to $6500 or more.

Heat Pump Prices

A solar system is similar to a heat pump water heater. They’re both highly efficient devices that provide heat. Although both heat pumps and solar water heaters are used to heat hot water, they are two completely different technologies. These systems are extremely energy-efficient and may help reduce heating and cooling costs, but they need to be installed outside where they’ll work most effectively. Some are noisy.

A heat pump water heater costs between $3000-$5000 and can cost up to $5000 for a 315L unit.

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