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Does Australia Have the Best Water in the World?

Does Australia have the best water in the world? Yes, Australia is ranked in the top 5 countries across the world having the best water. According to research, Australia is ranked 5th for having the best water after Sweden.

Is Adelaide’s Water Dirty?

Does Adelaide have hard or soft water? Adelaide’s water is hard. Adelaide and Perth are also considered to be having the saltiest water in the whole country. This is simply because a lot of rain comes from the ocean hence lots of wind-blown salt mixes with the water catchment making it salty.

9 Ways to Stop Overflowing Drain

What to do if a drain is overflowing? If you are seeing water pouring out of the sink or shower, it is probably because there is a clog in the drain. In this article, we will show you how to locate the source of the clog and fix it. Read more: What are Drains? ...

The Strongest PVC Pipe: Schedule 40 vs 80

Which PVC pipe is strongest? Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes provide the optimal performance, versatility, durability, and affordability for your plumbing and ventilation needs. However, you could feel perplexed by the numerous numbers and sizes as you go down the pipe...

What is a CCTV Drain Camera?

What is a CCTV drain camera? Also known as sewer cameras or pipe inspection cameras, they are known to be waterproof, high-definition cameras that have gained so much popularity in the plumbing sector. Plumbers highly depend on these cameras since they are complicated diagnostic tools that aid plumbers whenever they need to conduct plumbing inspections

CIPP Exam & Scores

What is the CIPP CIPP stands for “cured in place pipe,” and is a repair solution for damaged or leaking pipes. The CIPP is a process that can create a new pipe “within” the old pipe, better known as “drain relining.”

Keeping Peace Amidst Poop Chaos

Why does my bathroom smell like poop all the time? For homeowners, having a bathroom that smells like ass is not only uncomfortable and unhealthy, but also unpleasant. You might not want fecal remains floating up your nose given that the average human spends...

Being A Plumber: Challenges

What challenges do plumbers face? With the rush of new development (residential, commercial, and infrastructural projects), the demand for plumbers, pipefitters, roofing plumbers, and steamfitters is rapidly expanding. In refurbished buildings, the demand for...

Maintaining A Drainage System: Guidelines

How do you maintain a drainage system? Prevention is the most effective strategy to keep a healthy drainage system. In general, if you are careful about what you throw down your drains, you should not have to clean them very often. However, clogs can occur, and it is...

Kickstart Your Roof Plumbing Career

Is roof plumbing a good career? A building’s roof is one of its most crucial components. It protects you from the elements, shields you from flying items, and can survive all types of weather. If you want to work in the building and manufacturing industries and...

How to Make a Garden Irrigation System

Keeping your plants well watered and cared for is time-consuming, and you may not have a lot of time for the task every day. However, a good irrigation system will help your plants and crops grow better and produce impressive results. The main problem with taking care...

Can you patch a hot water heater?

Can you patch a hot water heater? It depends on the damage. If the tank starts leaking water, and you’re convinced that there’s no other cause of the leakage, then you probably need to get a new water heater. You cannot patch a hot water heater since whenever it...

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