Blocked Toilets

Blocked Toilets

A toilet clog not only prevents your bathroom from running correctly, but it can also cause unpleasant odors and overflowing water. We all know it’s super inconvenient when your drains are slow or plugged, or when your toilet refuses to flush.

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What are common causes of a blocked toilet?

Clogged drains are caused by the accumulation of soap scum, hair, and other material in your drain. Toilet paper and other things can clog the pipes leading to your toilet, causing it to overflow. Tree roots that have invaded your sewer system are another cause of obstructions, which leads to even worse difficulties. Other indicators of obstructions in your plumbing system are slow or stopped drains and overflowing toilets. When you flush the toilet or drain your sink, do you hear gurgling noises? Bubbling or gurgling could be caused by trapped air pockets, a problem with your main sewer line, or other obstructions farther down the pipes. There could even be a mysterious puddle in your yard or a backup in your toilet. You may also detect bad odors.


Toilets are often an underappreciated element of your home. Few people give much thought to how they function until, of course, they cease working. There are several reasons why a toilet may clog on multiple occasions, with identifying the underlying issues causing the clogs is the best method to ensure the problems are avoided in the future.


Low-flush toilets are an excellent way to reduce the quantity of water used to flush the toilet, hence lowering water costs and use and maybe preventing clogged toilets. While they save money, these toilets frequently cause difficulties with low water pressure. Toilets manufactured in the mid-’90s are referred to as first-generation low flush, as they have insufficient power to drive waste into drains, resulting in clogged toilets.


In rare circumstances, the age of a drain line might work against it, causing it to clog frequently even while flushing only typical garbage and paper products. Other major factors that aging drain lines struggle with, resulting in clogged toilets, are hair, paper, and foreign items. In situations like these, drain relining is particularly beneficial and is often recommended by plumbers to avoid future problems. Drain relining allows you to start over and apply your newfound understanding of drainage system care.


Any waste that is escaping from the toilet must be pressed. When the toilet is flushed, if the tank is not totally full, there will not be enough pressure to clear the bowl, resulting in a clogged toilet.


Due to the state of water in Adelaide, hard water has become a regular issue. While hard water is not harmful to consume or bathe in, it can calcify and develop a white substance that is difficult to remove from your toilets, limiting the gap through which water and waste can travel.


S traps, the S-shaped pipe behind your toilet, are intended to keep sewage gases from entering your home via the toilet drain. While effective in this aspect, they may be prone to clogging.


Other water-carrying lines entering the drains may cause certain issues. Washing machines and blocked sinks, for example, can disrupt the entire plumbing system, including your toilets.


Baby wipes are not meant to be flushed. It seems obvious that everything used to wipe an infant behind should be able to pass through the toilet, but that is not the case. These convenience products are the leading cause of clogged toilets and can cause costly plumbing damage.


Toilet clogging in your home might be caused by slow-moving septic systems or systems that stall and do not turn over rapidly enough. It is critical to maintain a healthy septic system with optimum balance for optimal drainage flow.


The most crucial thing for a homeowner is to be familiar with their system in order to avoid recurrent problems. Determine whether your toilet is connected to a sewage system or if it is powered by a septic tank. Septic systems have special issues with how they operate and require specific chemicals to speed up the waste processing mechanism and avoid flushing specific pollutants.

How do I know if my toilet is becoming blocked?

It is usually obvious when your toilet is clogged, but there are some signals you can notice before it gets blocked completely. Here are some signs you can notice to get it fixed before the issue becomes serious.

  1. If there is fluid leaking from your drains outside your home, then you must get it checked before it totally breaks down.
  2. It is a serious issue to consider when the toilet doesn’t flush quickly, and water stays in your bowl for a long time.
  3. You must get a professional inspection done if you notice gurgling in your shower drains when you flush your toilet.

How do I prevent my toilet from becoming blocked?

Experiencing a clogged toilet is one of the most common issues we have faced in our lifetime, but if your bathroom is getting clogged more often and you’re tired of using a plunger on a regular basis so, here are some tips that you’ll help you avoid clogging.

Don’t Flush Everything

You must avoid flushing tampons, baby wipes, condoms, sanitary pads, and similar items while using your toilet. Instead, keep a separate dustbin in your bathroom so you can dispose of these essentials separately. This will save your toilet from a lot of mess.

Avoid Using Too Much Toilet Paper

Sometimes a reason for a lot of clogging is using a lot of tissue paper which gets stuck in a pipe and blocks the sewer. Toilet papers take time to dissolve entirely in water, so make sure only to use paper as much as is needed. This will not only help you prevent your toilet from clogging but also help you to save extra toilet paper.

Keep Toilet Seat Closed

It often happens in a household with children where people leave the lid open of the bathroom and children to end up throwing stuff in the toilet, which makes it clogged. This can also happen from something dropping from the sink to the toilet accidentally. Flushing non-dissolvable items can cause severe problems to your toilet, and you’ll require professional assistance to fix it.

Avoid Flushing Hardening Components

You might think some things are okay to flush, but they are hard on toilet and flushing systems. For example, you should never flush grease, caulk, and drywall compound or pour them down the drain because they eventually turn from liquid to solid, which is never good for your sewerage and drainage system.

Regular Toilet Maintenance

Toilets are one of the essential parts of your home and workplace; maintaining them is something you should never avoid. Keeping the toilets well maintained doesn’t only leave a good impression on others but also saves you from a lot of bacteria and germs.

Healthy Environment

The foul smell is harmful and unpleasant and can also make you sick. Maintaining your toilets ensures a healthy and fresh environment in your home and workplace. You can do this by yourself, or you can also hire professional services to provide quality cleaning is done.

Prevents Diseases

By maintaining your toilet on a regular basis, you can eliminate bacteria and germs. This is one of the efficient ways of preventing the spread of diseases, and you can have a healthy lifestyle that includes hygiene and cleanliness.


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