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What is a drain inspection?

Drainage issues are not always easy to detect or prevent. There are numerous reasons why drain issues occur, and there are also numerous factors that contribute to why these issues occur in the first place. Royal Flush Plumbing’s drain inspections are thorough, professional, reliable, and cost-effective. We can use cutting-edge drain cameras to locate cracks, clogs, and other blockages in your pipes.

Using the information we get from our initial camera inspection, our team can come up with effective cleaning and repair plans to fix the problem and get your pipes and drains working again as quickly as possible.

A drain camera & other methods are used to inspect the drain. The camera has a small built-in light that allows our plumbers to see what is going on in your drains from a small handheld screen. Our plumbers can also look for common issues such as pipe material, bellies, broken pipe sections, debris buildup causing clogs, and much more.

When should I have my drains inspected?

When we encounter a clogged, or overflowing drain, or any issue with relatively inaccessible pipes, we usually recommend that our customers conduct a drain inspection. But we think there are more benefits for customers who ask for drain inspections once a year or every six months.

Most plumbing problems do not appear overnight. Understanding and seeing what is going on with your drains before there is a major problem allows you to catch debris and blockage buildup, tree root damage, and pipe corrosion before sewage spills out onto one of your floors.

What are common drain problems?

Here are some examples of common problems that can happen when you aren’t paying attention or getting regular inspections.

Tree Roots

Everyone appreciates a street lined with beautiful trees, but tree roots are a common plumbing issue that can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Tree roots grow where there is water, and if your pipes leak even slightly, tiny growing roots will find their way into your sewer system.

When this happens, severe problems can arise, ranging from disconnected pipes to flooding. Given enough time, tree roots can break apart rock and concrete, so it’s critical to get drain inspections, especially if you have a lot of trees on your property.

Monthly inspections allow you to stay on top of potentially damaging issues and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Dirt & Debris

Dirt and debris are usually at the root of a plumbing system’s demise, from preventing your kitchen sink from draining, and to clogging toilets. The following items should not enter your plumbing system:

  • Tissues or wipes
  • Grease or Oil
  • Cotton swabs
  • Food slivers

Additionally, hair, dead skin, and dirt can accumulate over time, acting like a magnet, drawing ever more debris together until the pipe is completely clogged.

Pipe Damage

Depending on the age of your system, sewer pipes can be made of anything from fired clay to plastic to metal or even hollow wood. Unfortunately, no single solution is impervious to aging and damage.

As the ground settles around plastic pipes, they begin to separate and sag. Leaks can happen when the glue joints on plastic pipes aren’t right or when the pipes weren’t put together well.

Cast iron pipes will corrode over time. This can happen slowly or quickly, depending on the pH levels in your water. Corroded pipes can cause bellies, leaks, tree root access, and even complete disconnection from the plumbing system.

We encourage Adelaide residents to test the pH levels of their drinking water. If the water is hard, we recommend a water softener to avoid accelerated corrosion and other problems. Hard water can harm both your plumbing and your health.

What are common drain inspection methods?

Some of the most common methods are:

  • CCTV camera inspection: This method involves inserting a small camera attached to a flexible cable into the pipes and recording images or videos of their interior. The camera can be controlled remotely and can navigate through bends and junctions. This method allows for a clear and accurate visual inspection of the pipes without digging or breaking them. It can detect cracks, holes, roots, debris, or other defects in the pipes.
  • Dye testing: This method involves injecting a colored dye into the pipes and observing where it comes out. The dye can be traced using a UV light or by eye. This method can help locate leaks, cross connections, or illegal connections in the pipes.
  • Hydrostatic testing: This method involves filling the pipes with water and measuring the pressure drop over time. The pressure drop indicates how much water is escaping from the pipes due to leaks. This method can also test the strength and durability of the pipes under high pressure.
  • Smoke testing: This method involves blowing smoke into the pipes and observing where it escapes. The smoke can reveal cracks, holes, or openings in the pipes that allow air infiltration or exfiltration. This method can also detect sources of odors, pests, or sewer gas in buildings connected to the pipes.
  • Sonar detection: This method involves sending sound waves into the pipes and measuring their reflections. The sound waves can penetrate through water, debris, or roots in the pipes and provide information about their diameter, shape, alignment, slope, depth, or obstructions. This method can also estimate the flow rate or capacity of the pipes.

These methods have different advantages and disadvantages depending on factors such as accuracy, cost, time, safety, accessibility.

What are the benefits of regular drain inspections?

Identify Minor Repairs

One of the benefits of regular drain inspections is that they can expose hidden problems that may otherwise remain undetected until they cause major disasters. For example, minor clogs can lead to water backflow and flooding, while small cracks can result in pipe bursts or collapses. By identifying these issues early, drain inspections can help eliminate expensive repairs or replacements that may be required later. Moreover, drain inspections can also help assess the condition and performance of the pipes, such as their diameter, shape, alignment, slope, depth, flow rate, pressure, or capacity. This information can help plan for future upgrades or improvements to optimize the efficiency and durability of the drainage systems.

Reduce Clogging & Odors

Another benefit of regular drain inspections is that they can reduce clogging and odors in the pipes. Clogging is a common problem that occurs when various substances accumulate in the pipes over time, such as hair, grease, food waste, toilet paper, or tree roots. Clogging can slow down water drainage and waste removal, creating inconvenience and frustration for users. Clogging can also create foul smells that emanate from the pipes due to bacterial growth or decomposition. By performing regular drain inspections, these substances can be removed or cleared before they cause serious blockages or overflows. This way, drain inspections can ensure smooth water flow and waste disposal while keeping unpleasant odors at bay.

Protect Health & Safety

A third benefit of regular drain inspections is that they can protect health and safety by preventing sewage backups, overflows, leaks, mold growth, pest infestation, or contamination. These problems can pose serious health risks for humans and animals who may come into contact with them. For example, sewage backups or overflows can expose people to harmful bacteria or viruses that can cause infections or diseases. Leaks can damage property or infrastructure by causing water damage or electrical hazards. Mold growth can trigger allergic reactions or respiratory problems for people who inhale its spores. Pest infestation can spread diseases or damage property by chewing through wires or wood. Contamination can pollute water sources or soil by introducing chemicals or toxins into them. By performing regular drain inspections, these problems can be avoided or minimized by ensuring that the pipes are sealed, clean, and functioning properly.

Compliance With Local Codes & Regulations

A fourth benefit of regular drain inspections is making sure that you remain compliant with local codes and regulations. These inspects are usually required for stormwater drains, sewers, or septic tanks. Not following these regulations can result in hefty fines, so regular inspections can save you from those costs and potential legal action.

Maintaining The Performance of Your Plumbing System

Routine drain inspections enable professionals to detect and repair minor issues, preventing your plumbing system from experiencing crippling breakdowns. Fully functional drains and pipes can make your life easier, increase the value of your home, and extend the life of your plumbing system.

Save Money

Regular drain inspections help prevent the deterioration of your plumbing system. If you don’t have your pipes checked regularly, problems that are seemingly invisible could potentially cause expensive damage to your home or office. Water and sewage backups can fill your home with unpleasant odors, lowering air quality and making it uncomfortable. Backups can also wreak havoc on your drywall, cabinets, flooring, and other interior features, causing extensive and costly damage. A dependable drain inspection can help you avoid these costly surprises.

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