Overflowing Drains

Prevent Water Damage: 24/7 Emergency Overflowing Drain Cleaning

Drains that are frequently overflowing can be inconvenient. However, if you identify and fix the issue as soon as it emerges, you can avoid more serious concerns. Concerns such as leaks, or electrical damage, which can potentially occur if the issue is left unchecked. Overflowing drains are problems that must be addressed right away as these can lead to filthy conditions in your house as well as damage nearby systems.

Royal Flush Plumbing uses CCTV drain cameras as well as equipment, such as jet blasters and root cutters, in our work. This contributes to the efficient and timely resolution of the problem.

What causes an overflowing drain?

While there are a lot of ways to stop overflowing drains, some solutions are temporary and don’t work for very long. An overflowing drain’s worst-case scenario can be prevented if you take precautionary measures seriously, even if the problem doesn’t seem like a big deal yet. Sanitary items, paper towels, and wipes are common causes of overflowing drains. These items can clog pipes and prevent water from draining properly.

Sewer Backups

When the sewage system becomes overwhelmed, waste is pushed back through the pipe and into the residence, causing sewer backups. Backups are common in toilets, basement drains, and bathtub drains.

Your Pipes Are Deteriorating

When it comes to evaluating your complete plumbing system, sewer lines are the most prone to deterioration as they age, particularly if they are designed incorrectly. Ground heave may eventually cause holes in plumbing systems. When pipes break or get out of place, dirt and roots get into the waterway. This causes a blockage, and can be damaging in the long-run.

When trees, rocks, and muck block the drain, water swiftly overflows into your home’s shower drains or even the floor. We recommend if you are seeing this issue, it’s smartest to catch it now so it doesn’t lead to hyper-expensive problems from not being mindful.

Your Pipes Are Clogged

Most homeowners and business owners rarely contemplate the consequences of flushing toiletries. When body soaps, gels, toothpaste, and lotions pass through your pipework, a slime film forms on the inside. Over time this can significantly decrease water flow. The more accumulation that forms, similar to clogged arteries in biology, the more difficult it is for anything to pass through.

While there are drain cleaners and other goods and services that can help eliminate slime and other blockages, a professional clearing with quality equipment will keep the problem away. When combined with regular drainage system maintenance, you can nearly always avoid an overflow caused by slime and other items slowly clogging away at your systems.

A Foreign Object is Lodged in the Drainage

When plumbers are called to fix an overflowing drain, they typically discover strange things lodged in the piping. A sock, toothbrush, or a doll stuck in a drain isn’t as rare as you may think. Additionally, flushable wipes, paper towels, etcetera aren’t flushable (as the manufacturer would have you believe), as they are also a regular source of backups. These items are better disposed in the trash.

These things become stuck often where the pipe turns at a sharp angle, as the pipe is making its way through the drain hole and piping. Most of the time, they are found where the pipe starts to flow parallel to the ground at a 90-degree angle.

In most cases, numerous objects collaborate to create the overflow. A toothbrush, for example, can become wedged and continue to prevent flushable wipes from passing through. If this is allowed to continue, water will eventually finds its way back into the property.

Rainwater Drain Blocked With Mud

Always make sure to check if your rainwater carrying system is clear of debrit, like dirt and mud. If this is left unchecked for some time, this debrit will build up until it can cause catastrophic problems, like flooding.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is one of the main culprits behind overflowing drains. When the extra water begins filtering through your systems, the excess amount can cause various problems if your systems aren’t working correctly. Every time there is heavy rain, wait until it finishes, then go outside and check all your drainage systems. Every time you notice a problem beginning to build up, like leaves, always make sure to clear the path so the water can flow.

Common Drain Overflow Locations

Many people are unaware that their water heaters are already failing until it is too late and cold water begins to flow from faucets. Typically, homeowners choose to try to repair their hot water heaters before completely replacing them. A new hot water heater, including installation, might cost several thousand dollars. As a result, it is often preferable to try to repair rather than replace. Sadly, this may not always be possible, depending on the problem.


Gardens are a common place where a drain begins overflowing. This is because gardens are full of dirt and plant compost. Make sure you always check if your pipes look clear in your gardens. Not only can it cause major flooding issues, it can also ruin your garden.


Shower drains are the most common place where an overflowing problem will reveal itself. If left unchecked, this can ruin your bathroom or other parts of your home. If this has happened to you, the first thing you’ll want to do is turn off your water supply in your home. Next, give us a call.

Can overflowing drains be dangerous?

Unpleasant Odor

No one wants their homes or workplace to smell like rotten eggs or dead rats. However, if you’re noticing a similar issue in your kitchen or bathroom, that is your sign to get your sewage system inspected professionally to solve the problem. Also, if you are considering using chemicals, you must refrain from taking this step, as these chemicals contain toxic gases and are unsafe for the environment.

Property Damage

Overflowing drains don’t only stop at water build-up in your home or workplace, but it also results in damaging your walls, floors, and other surfaces. It also results in weakening the plumbing structure of your place. Water damage is not easy to repair and costs a lot. This also led to the growth of mold, which is quite harmful to health.

Pest Infestation

Having blocked and overflowing drains attract flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. It will not only be unbearable but also increase the chances of spreading diseases. To protect your home from further damage and keep it pest free, you must ensure it has no overflowing gutters.


When the overflowing drains are left untreated, they often tend to contribute to unnecessary leakage, which can damage your home or workplace plumbing structure. Unfortunately, this can also cause your pipes to explode, which will be a total mess and costly option with no other choice.

Why do I need professional help fixing my overflowing drain?

Overflowing gutters can be nauseous and challenging to deal with, and you always require professional services to save you from the bigger mess and problems. Here are some reasons to help you know the importance of hiring professionals.

Permanent Solution

Maintaining the drains is not only related to pipes by also involves the complete sewerage structure of your home or workplace, which can affect the functionality of the place in profound ways. Furthermore, it can also result in molds; that’s why it is essential to let the professionals handle the situation to not end up with a bigger mess by experimenting with some temporary solution.

Avoids Further Damage

Having blocked and overflowing drains attract flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. It will not only be unbearable but also increase the chances of spreading diseases. To protect your home from further damage and keep it pest free, you must ensure it has no overflowing gutters.

Regular Maintainance

Hiring professionals also help you to manage your drains and sewerage system better. You can schedule routine maintenance to make sure you do not have any issues or leakage. You will not only save yourself from severe damage, but you’ll also notice the improved system with the water going down the drains more quickly and having no overflowing sinks or toilets with a stable infrastructure.

We’ll Fix It The First Time

If your drains overflowing keeps happening, then you’re probably not hiring the right plumbers. Many Adelaide plumbers are just fine with doing the bare minimum job, not getting out of their way to make sure the proper precautions are put into place to prevent this issue from happening again. Many plumbers know that if they come for a second or third repair, they will be able to bill you again. Our philosophy is our job isn’t done unless the problem is rectified permanently, or as long as possible. Professionals plumbers have a good eye when thoroughly looking into any plumbing overflow-related issues and do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Royal Flush Plumbing won’t tell you the problem is solved until the complete plumbing system has been checked and cleared. With us, you can stop your drains from overflowing and have proper precautions to prevent further escalation. We have a proven track record that offers tried-and-true solutions.

Overflowing Drains


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