Adelaide Emergency Plumber

Adelaide Emergency Plumber

Emergencies Will Inevitably Happen

That’s why we are here to happily serve Adelaide and nearby areas. Whether you have water leaks, a clogged toilet, no hot water, gas leaks, or a burst pipe: there’s nothing Royal Flush Plumbing can’t handle. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services and will come to your rescue on the same day. With years of experience, and state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly being updated, we can handle your emergency plumbing problems efficiently and effectively.


Adelaide Emergency Hot Water Repairs

When your hot water system is malfunctioning, never attempt to repair it yourself. Reach out to a qualified plumber for the repairs as these systems can be either powered by gas or electricity and store boiling hot water. Reference the unit’s manual for maintenance instructions and troubleshooting tips. Unqualified attempts of repairs may result in electric shock or tank leaking, both of which may cause major damage to the hot water system and possibly your property.


What are common plumbing emergencies?

4 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime, and instead of panicking, you must be aware of these common issues so you can handle them wisely when any trouble occurs. While some emergencies can be massive, there will also be some emergencies that will be too small that you’ll fix them as soon as possible by yourself. Here are some of the common plumbing emergencies you can face in daily life.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can happen anytime, but this issue usually happens during the winter. It is one of the emergencies we all have faced at least once or multiple times in our lifetime. This issue can happen because of the old pipelines, or there can be any other reason as well. However, this is something that will damage your home or business and affect the functionality of the place. In this situation, you’ll be required to turn off the water completely from the main line, and then you can call professionals to deal with this issue to avoid further damage.

Running Toilets

If you feel like water is constantly running in your toilet, then it is evident that you have a running toilet emergency, as this can also end up with an overflowing toilet, and we are pretty sure that you’re not going to like it. This problem usually happens because of the worn-out flapper valve, and you also end up wasting two hundred gallons of water per day. You can try using a plunger, and if the problem doesn’t solve, then you need to call a plumber on an emergency basis.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal allows you to put your food waste down the drain, but it can also get clogged occasionally. This usually happens when you put non-disposable and non-organic food down the drains or try running the garbage disposal without water. In case your garbage disposal is making any weird noise or not working correctly, you must get it checked for damage before it stops working completely.

Gas Leak

This is one of the most severe plumbing emergencies that need immediate action. You must be attentive and regularly check your gas pipes. If you listen to any sound of a gas leak, shut off the gas entirely from the primary connection, which is usually a red handle behind the stove. After switching it off, you should call professionals to inspect the issue properly and get it fixed on an urgent basis. Also, the same rules apply to heaters and furnaces, and you should never delay this emergency to ensure the safety of your household or business.

How can I prevent plumbing emergencies?

Well, we usually don’t even consider plumbing systems until we face any emergency that usually ends up damaging us a lot or costing too much. However, you can definitely avoid plumbing emergencies to some extent if you take some precautions and maintenance steps to save yourself for the long term. Following are some tips to help you maintain your plumbing systems better.

If you have old construction at your home or commercial building, then you must avoid hanging anything from your pipe because it will make it weak, which can result in breakage anytime.
Be conscious about what you’re putting down the drains, and avoid putting any solids and non-disposable food such as oils, fats, egg shells, and others, which will cause you clogged drains.
Always schedule routine plumbing maintenance so you can deal with the issue before it becomes an emergency.

Why should I call a professional plumber in an emergency?

The plumbing system is critical and must be dealt with expertise and professionalism to avoid further harm. Experts with skills will analyze the reason for the problem better and solve the issue better to avoid it for prolonged use. They handle repair with extra care and professionalism to make sure you get the quality installation of any fixture. Taking professional services is less expensive than ending up with additional issues that will cost you a lot more in the future.

Why Use Our Emergency Plumbing Service?


Your plumbing doesn’t take a break over weekends, and neither does Royal Flush Plumbing. When you have a plumbing emergency, we’ll be there on the same day.


When we come and conduct emergency repairs, we don’t do a quick patch up job, only for the same thing to happen again a couple of weeks later. We focus on preventative measures and long-term solutions, to ensure your systems are working properly well into the future.


We provide emergency plumbing services across all areas of metropolitan Adelaide. If you live in Adelaide, you can have peace of mind that any time, for situation, we have you covered.


An emergency plumbing issue classifies as one because it needs to be serviced urgently, so obviously, we will be there to your rescue on the same day!


When we conduct emergency repairs, we don’t do band-aid solutions, we focus on preventative measures and set you up for the long-term to ensure your systems will be working properly well into the future!


An emergency will happen with or without prior warning, thus, don’t panic! Turn off the primary source of water supply, shut down the main and turn off the water heater after. The next thing to do is give us a call to describe what is happening, and we will be there.


We have top-of-the-line cameras for inspections so we can quickly diagnose and fix issues.


We understand emergency situations can create a lot of stress. We can handle high-stress environments and situations like burst pipes or intense sewage backups.

Our Guarantees

Fast & Reliable

Royal Flush Plumbing offers guaranteed efficient and long-term solutions for all of your emergency plumbing issues. We take great importance on the urgency of emergency jobs, and we will arrive on the scene as fast as we possibly can. Royal Flush Plumbing offers emergency services across all areas of metropolitan Adelaide. If you’re concerned about whatever, we can fix it for you.

Adelaide’s Top Local Plumbers

Royal Flush Plumbing is South Australian owned and operated. Fully licensed, and insured, Matt and his team are situated locally to guarantee to be there for you whenever you need help, or when an emergency plumbing issue arises. As a result of being true locals, you can count on us anywhere, anytime, anyday. We care about your safety, and your home. Be sure to call us as we are more than happy to do the work, and offer you guaranteed honest & fair pricing.

Fixed Pricing

You can rely on our plumbers to provide you with fixed price quotes upfront. We wouldn’t refer to a plumbing emergency as an emergency if it was planned, you can rest assured we won’t fiddle you with unnecessary extra expenses. Not only does Royal Flush Plumbing’s efficient and innovative services enables them to offer you the best prices available, but above all, they prioritize integrity in their work.

Service Areas

We conduct our same-day service across all areas of metropolitan Adelaide; Highbury, Kensingston Park, St. Peters, and so forth. If you live in Adelaide, rest assured that we have your emergency covered.

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How long can I have a water leak and not know it?

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Why is it difficult to find an emergency plumber?

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Matt is definitely one of the best plumbers in Adelaide. When you can solve a myriad of problems with one phone call, who wouldn’t you want it? Royal Flush Plumbing does all that and more. And that’s guaranteed.
Luis M., Alberton
Promina Inc
I’d just like to send a little thank you note. After months of a variety of plumbing problems, you saved my pipes. After the team you sent was done with their work, sure enough, my drains were draining perfectly. I’m very grateful and I’ll certainly be recommending your plumbing services to my friends!
Helen A., Highbury
Promina Inc
Here’s my honest feedback; Royal Flush Plumbing has saved me thousands of dollars in repair costs in my business. Water from the sink and toilets is no longer leaking and is holding up well.

Geoff S., Royal Park
Promina Inc
Very honest and professional service at a great price. Matt and the team were called to fix another plumbers dodgy (& expensive) job and completed on time with minimal fuss. Would definitely go directly to Matt first and would recommend others to do too – you wont be disappointed!
Aaron Mohtar
Promina Inc
Royal Flush is far more than a plumbing service and repair company, they are people that care.
They care about the well-being of my business and family home. The professionalism and high quality of work is the best I’ve seen...

Andrew Fantasia
Promina Inc
I have used Royal Flush plumbing on three separate occasions at various premises. They have been professional, responsive and thorough on each occasion and leave the jobsite tidy and clean. I would highly recommend Matt and his team. Well done guys.
David Neilson
Promina Inc
Matt and his boys did the fabulous job for my backyard plumbing. They are so professional and nice team. The job has been done promptly and efficiently. I love the way they worked and keep the site tidy and organized. I have recommended them to all of my friends. Good job, boys, the most trusty plumbing team forever!!!
Harvey Wang
Promina Inc
Friendly, honest and absolutely a pleasure to deal with. We had a leak in the ceiling from a bathroom upstairs and we received great advice and service. The team knew exactly what the issue was and was able to sort us out quickly. I highly recommend Royal Flush Plumbing and will use them again. Thanks!
Dillon Chang
Promina Inc
I had issues with my toilet drain blocking up at my place of business, Royal Flush came out and saved the day on a Sunday morning before an event I had planned Later on in the evening. I had a chat to Matt about renovating the toilet and adding on an additional toilet and a new shower/bathroom and to my amazement he made this happen and I couldn’t be happier. Royal Flush, nit only provided the plumbing removal and install of this little project….
Phuc Nguyen
Promina Inc


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Every single one of Royal Flush plumbing licensed plumbers are skilled with a variety of services, ranging from emergency hot water repairs and blocked drains, to leak detection and gas heater services. Additionally, they will arrive fully outfitted with the most cutting-edge equipment to guarantee that the service is done properly and swiftly.

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