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Hot Water Plumbing Services in Adelaide

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

There is nothing worse than waking up on a chilly morning and finding no hot water available. At Royal Flush Plumbing we provide professionals who can install, replace, service or repair your hot-water systems, keeping all your showers, washing machines and dishwashers supplied with consistent hot water all year. Let us make sure you and your family stay comfortable.


Hot Water Services & Repairs

Hot water is a requisite for comfort and sanitation in any premises. At Royal Flush, we specialize in an array of hot water and heater services to ensure a consistent supply of warm water. Our skilled technicians are adept at troubleshooting and rectifying issues swiftly, demonstrating a blend of technical acumen and practical solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each client, showcasing our client-centric approach in delivering warm comfort.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems are known for their efficiency and instant heating capability. At Royal Flush, we provide comprehensive services encompassing installation, repair, and maintenance of gas hot water systems. Our proficient technicians ensure the systems are installed and functioning in compliance with safety standards, affirming our dedication to fostering a safe and comfortable living environment.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump hot water systems are an energy-efficient alternative, utilizing ambient heat to warm water. At Royal Flush, we offer installation and maintenance services for these innovative systems. Our technicians ensure the systems are calibrated for optimal performance, reflecting our expertise in modern hot water technologies.

Hot Water Installations

Installing a hot water system is a precise task that demands technical expertise. Our installation services at Royal Flush are executed with meticulous precision to ensure a long-lasting and efficient performance. We adhere to industry standards and local codes, underscoring our professionalism and expertise in delivering hot water solutions tailored to each premise’s needs.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are a reliable choice for ensuring a steady supply of hot water. Our expertise at Royal Flush spans the installation, maintenance, and repair of these systems. We employ industry-standard techniques to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable hot water solutions.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Harnessing solar energy for hot water is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Our services at Royal Flush include the installation and maintenance of solar hot water systems, aligning with modern sustainable practices. We ensure these systems are optimally positioned to capture solar energy, exemplifying our forward-thinking approach in embracing green technologies.

Hot Water Repairs

The essence of a functional hot water system is often realized in its absence. Our hot water repair service is crafted to ensure a consistent supply of hot water, fostering a comforting habitat. With a deep-rooted understanding of the plumbing domain, our technicians at Royal Flush diagnose and rectify anomalies with a blend of alacrity and precision. Our solutions are tailored to meet the distinctive needs of each client, reflecting our client-centric ethos and profound expertise in ensuring the tranquility of your domicile.

Hot Water Replacements

Over time, hot water systems may require replacement to ensure efficiency and reliability. Our replacement services at Royal Flush are streamlined for a hassle-free transition to a new system. We provide insightful recommendations on suitable replacements, ensuring a seamless continuation of hot water supply.

Hot Water Plumbing Services

What are the types of hot water heater systems?

Electric, solar, or gas hot water systems are all solid options for your hot water system. Your choice should be determined by your needs and lifestyle. Water heating, cost, personal needs, and staying green are all factors that influence your decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to using gas, electricity, or solar power.When selecting a hot water system, households have to decide between gas, electric, and solar options (see types here). Each has its own set of advantages and costs differently. In general, gas systems tend to be cheaper to operate while electric ones may be less expensive to build. Meanwhile, while a solar hot water system is more expensive upfront, it will ultimately save more money and be better for the environment in the long run.

Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters

Gas hot water systems heat your water with gas. Gas hot water heaters are quite cheap to operate and install. Good-quality gas water heaters are the next best alternative, and for bigger families, a gas water heater may be the best option.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Electric hot water systems provide simple installation with their heat pump system and are available in continuous flow options, making them the ideal choice for most homes and businesses. No more waiting for the hot water tank to heat up!

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar hot water systems are powered by solar panels and require minimal upkeep. They have the least environmental impact due to the fact that they significantly reduce the amount of carbon your household emits since we use hot water daily.

Hot Water Maintenance

Regular hot water maintenance is essential for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your water heater system. Whether you have a gas, electric or tankless water heater, you need to check and service it at least once or twice a year to prevent problems such as sediment buildup, rust, corrosion, leaks and inefficiency. In this quick section, we will briefly mention tasks that are done when hot water maintenance is being done.

  1. Flushing the tank
  2. Testing the temperature and water
  3. Checking and replacing the anode rod
  4. Adjusting the thermostat setting
  5. Checking and replacinInsulating the tanks and pipesg the anode rod

Can you install my hot water system?

Yes, we can help you install your new hot water system. A quick summary of the steps can be found below, and you can also go more in-depth into our hot water installation service here.

Tank Water Heater

  1. Turn off the power supply and water supply to your old water heater.
  2. Drain the tank by attaching a hose to the drain valve and opening a hot water faucet.
  3. Disconnect the electric wires and water lines from your old water heater.
  4. Remove your old water heater and place it on a lifting trolley or forklift.
  5. Place your new tank water heater on top of cinder or concrete blocks using a lifting trolley or forklift.
  6. Level the water heater and install a pressure relief valve on its hole.
  7. Install heat trap fittings and connect them to the cold and hot water lines.
  8. Fill the tank by opening a hot water faucet and turning on the cold water supply.
  9. Connect electrical wires to your new water heater and adjust its thermostat.
  10. Turn on the power supply to your new water heater and check for leaks.

Tankless Water Heater

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker and water supply to your old water heater.
  2. Drain your old heater before disconnecting it from its pipes, wires and gas line (if applicable).
  3. Remove its front cover by unscrewing it with a screwdriver.
  4. Mount your new tankless electric or gas (depending on what you have)water heater on an interior or exterior wall using screws, anchors or brackets.
  5. Connect any pipes that are required for your new tankless electric or gas (depending on what you have)water heater such as cold/hot/water inlet/outlet/gas/ventilation pipes.
  6. Install flow control valves (for electric models) or pressure relief valves (for gas models) on their respective ports.
  7. Bleed air out of your hot/cold/water/gas lines by opening faucets/valves until you see/hear steady flow/noise.
  8. Inspect electrical connections before attaching cover (for electric models) or light pilot following manufacturer’s directions (for gas models).
  9. Turn on circuit breaker/water supply/gas valve (depending on what you have)to your new tankless electric/gas (depending on what you have)water heater.
  10. Check for leaks/errors/temperature settings.


  1. Turn off gas valve/water heater breaker/water supply (to old/new depending on what you have) water heaters
  2. Drain hot/cold/water tanks by attaching hoses/opening faucets until empty
  3. Remove hot/cold/water pipes from old/new (depending on what you have) water heaters using wrenches/pliers
  4. Connect pump/threaded nipple/union/check valve/recirculation line/copper adapter/flexible hose/timer/control panel/sensor valve (depending on what you have/model/type/location/system)
  5. Fill tanks/bleed air/check pressure/open valves/turn power/gas/water back on (depending on what you have/model/type/location/system)
  6. Test system/functionality/leaks/errors/settings/timer/sensor (depending on what you have/model/type/location/system)

What are the benefits of hot water services?

Using hot water services provides many advantages, including enhanced comfort, convenience, improved hygiene, energy efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental protection. With hot water services, you can relax your muscles, reduce stress and improve sleep by lowering body temperatures. Additionally, it helps to open your pores and remove dirt and bacteria in order to improve skin health.

Furthermore, you can use hot water for a variety of activities such as showering and bathing without wasting time or waiting around. Similarly, it helps prevent plumbing-related issues like frozen pipes or clogs.

A third benefit of hot water services is hygiene. Hot water can kill germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasite , etc. that may cause infections or diseases. It can also sanitize your clothes, dishes, utensils, surfaces, etc. by removing stains, odors, grease, etc.. Additionally, hot water can enhance your oral health by reducing plaque, gingivitis, cavities, etc..

A fourth benefit of hot water services is energy efficiency. Hot water systems can use various sources of energy such as electricity gas solar thermal heat pump etc.. Some of these sources are more efficient than others in terms of energy consumption carbon emissions operating costs etc.. For example solar thermal systems can reduce your energy bills by up to 80% and your carbon footprint by up to 50%.

A fifth benefit of hot water services is cost saving . Hot water systems can save you money in several ways such as reducing your energy bills extending the lifespan of your system avoiding costly repairs complying with regulations qualifying for rebates incentives tax credits, etc.. For instance replacing an old inefficient system with a new high-efficiency one can save you up to $300 per year on average.

A sixth benefit of hot water services is environmental protection. Hot water systems can reduce the environmental impact of your household or business by using renewable sources of energy reducing greenhouse gas emissions conserving natural resources minimizing waste recycling materials etc.. For example heat pump systems use ambient air to heat water which reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60% compared to conventional electric systems.

These are some of the benefits of hot water services that demonstrate how they can improve your quality of life. However these benefits may vary depending on factors such as type size location usage maintenance etc. Therefore it is important to choose the right system for your needs and preferences consult a professional plumber for installation repair replacement or maintenance follow safety precautions and manufacturer’s instructions use hot water wisely and responsibly etc..

How can I get my hot water system repaired?

Royal Flush offers an extensive repair service for hot water systems, including water heaters, boilers, pipes, valves, pumps and controls. These systems are essential to provide hot water for domestic and commercial needs like bathing, washing, cooking and heating. The malfunction of these systems may be caused by several reasons like wear and tear, corrosion, sediment buildup, leaks, faulty wiring or thermostat settings.

Some common problems that require hot water repair service are:

No hot water or insufficient hot water
Water temperature too high or too low
Water pressure too low or too high
Water leaks from tank or pipes
Water discolored or smells bad
Strange noises from tank or pipes
Pilot light goes out frequently

Our certified technicians possess the skill and necessary tools to diagnose and repair hot water problems. They can recommend the ideal hot water system for your needs and budget. Depending on the issue, they may be able to address it immediately or arrange a follow-up visit.

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