High-Efficiency Electric How Water Systems in Adelaide

High-Efficiency Electric How Water Systems in Adelaide

The most reliable brands and manufacturers are included in our selection of electric hot water systems, which are perfect for every Australian home and budget. We supply, install, repair, and maintain all types of hot water systems. At Royal Flush Plumbing, we make it a mission to bring reliable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

What is an electric hot water system?

An electric hot water system is a practical and economical way to heat water in your home. This type of heater requires no gas connection, making it more cost-effective and efficient since little energy is lost during the heating process. An electric hot water system can run on off-peak electricity tariffs, which means you will also be saving money.

Electric hot water systems come in a variety of sizes that are capable of catering for all types of households. A single element system, suitable for 1-2 people, extracts a small amount of stored energy from the tank to provide hot water as needed. For larger households a multiple element system consisting of two or more elements would be required. In this setup, additional elements are only activated when both stored systems have been exhausted and are used to replace the depleted heat by extracting it directly from the mains supply.

An electric hot water system can also be configured in different ways: either as part of a centralised domestic production system such as an instantaneous hot water heater; or separately installed as a point-of-use service such as under bench storage tanks or even solar powered options that use natural daylight to heat the water up. Different models also come with features such as temperature control dials where you can customise how high you want your heated water – these extra user controls can help to save energy consumption during periods when you know demand won’t be too high.

Whether you choose an instantaneous model or a point-of-use device, electric hot water systems require regular servicing checks that involve checking combustion levels and temperature settings via inspection hatches at specific intervals throughout the year; and replacing any worn out components including pressure relief valves, thermostats, electric elements, pipes and tankshields. By maintaining these systems regularly you should ensure that they stay operational for many years whilst continuing to save money on your bills.

Types Of Electric Hot Water Systems

Trying to choose the right hot water system for yourself can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of options available. It’s important that you take time to gain an understanding of all the different kinds of electric hot water systems on the market before making your purchase. To help you decide which one is best for you, we have gathered together some essential information.

Electric Storage Tank Hot Water System

  • Home tanks are 25 to 400 liters or larger for commercial applications with multiple-element setups.
  • Moderate supply and installation costs.
  • Expensive operating costs
  • During peak hours, 25-to 160-liter single elements can be used
  • Dual 160-400-liter elements can run on off-peak electricity
  • Water is supplied at Mains Pressure, which is the greatest pressure available for hot water systems
  • The 5, 7, or 10-year warranties cover the tank
  • All other parts have a one-year warranty
  • Maintains tank water at or above 60 °C

Electric Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Electric continuous-flow hot water systems are available in point-of-use systems and bigger 3-phase units.

  • Flow rates ranging from 5 to 27 liters per minute are available.
  • A never-ending supply of hot water
  • Some models come with optional temperature control panels.
  • Supply and installation costs range from low to medium to high.
  • Running costs are moderate.
  • Low to medium water pressure.
  • Systems are available for internal use.
  • The units can be powered by a single-phase or three-phase power supply.

Electric Boosted-Solar Hot Water System

Installing an electric boosted-solar water heater can help you save on energy costs by harnessing the power of the sun to heat your water. Depending on where you are located and the type of system, you could get anywhere between 40-90% of your hot water needs taken care of with this kind of setup.

  • Electric/solar systems emit fewer greenhouse gases than a standard electric hot water system.
  • Depending on your usage, you can save between 50% and 90% on your hot water bill.
  • Available in tank sizes from 180 to 400 liters,
  • Systems are supplied with 1–4 solar panels or 10–44 evacuated tubes. Larger systems are available for commercial systems.
  • Available with boosters ranging from 2.4 kw/h to 4.8 kw.
  • supplied in either a close-coupled system where the panels and tank are on the roof or a split system where the collectors are on the roof and the tank is on the ground. The booster is part of the tank in the form of an electric element.
  • High supply and installation costs.
  • The lowest running costs of all hot water systems.
  • Rebates apply, and conditions apply.
  • The water pressure is high.
  • Warranties are available from 5 to 10 years.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Heat pump hot water systems are an energy-efficient method of providing water heating. Instead of creating heat directly, they use electricity to transport heat from one location to another. Heat pump water heaters heat water for homes in the same way that reverse-cycle air conditioners do.

  • An energy-saving technique that absorbs heat from the surrounding air.
  • A ground-mounted solar system with no roof-mounted panels.
  • The system is primarily outside.
  • The heat pump requires 240 volts of power.
  • reduces your hot water heating expenditures.
  • Domestic tanks range in size from 150 to 340 liters.
  • Compressor and split tank units are offered.
  • High supply
  • High water pressure

Benefits of Electric Hot Water System

Choosing an electric hot water system could be the right solution for you. Enjoy cheaper installation costs and more efficient energy use, as well as indoor and outdoor installation options. Consider off-peak electricity tariffs to further save on energy bills, but remember to ensure your plan meets your needs. Instantaneous water heaters are also available, yet they only provide hot water for one outlet. Bear in mind that it may be a major expense in your monthly budget, and make sure you double-check all details before making a decision.

Low Cost

While traditional hot water systems cost less, they tend to affect more on your electricity bills more. However, electric hot water systems are energy efficient, which makes them a more suitable and convenient choice for prolonged use. In addition, electric water heater systems don’t require additional pipes or additional ventilation systems through which you can save additional costs.


An electric hot water system is a convenient option for homeowners since it doesn’t require any special connections or upgrades. It is also efficient, easy to use and can provide hot water at your fingertips without having to wait around. Unlike gas heaters, no extra care or maintenance is needed.


The electric and gas water systems are designed to keep the customer’s safety in mind. However, gas water systems are susceptible to gas leaks. Therefore, they require special maintenance to ensure safety measures, while electric systems don’t require maintenance, and you also don’t need to be concerned about any safety issues.


Electric water systems are easy to use, and they also provide additional features which are more convenient as compared to gas heaters. There are no complex additional parts, and you also don’t require a lot of extra space to install an electric water system, as it can also be mounted on the wall and will work fine. Electric water systems are convenient and ideal for both small and large spaces.

Common Electric Water System Issues

An electric water system is one of the best convenient choices you can make, but there are also some common issues you must be aware of so you can inspect the problem before it becomes severe. Some of the issues include the following.

Temperature Issues

Water temperature is one of the issues that you can frequently face with your water systems. Sometimes water won’t be at the right temperature, and other times, the water might be too hot. You must check the temperature setting if you are receiving too hot water. If you’re not getting the right temperature, it can happen because of a faulty heating element or thermostat.

Discolored Water

The water can become discolored because of the rust building up in the water, and it can also make the water taste weird. This can happen because of the failed anode rod. However, you can take professional services to change the rod and solve this issue, and your electric water system will work fine again.

Odd Noises

If you’re noticing weird or odd noises, it can happen because of sediment build-up. To solve this issue, you must flush the water heater once or twice a year to improve its functionality and make it more efficient. If you flush your water system and still face this issue, you can easily contact us for further inspection and quality services.

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