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Professional Toilet Repairs in Adelaide
Royal Flush Plumbing offers the best services when it comes to repairing toilets; whether it is a blocked or leaking toilet. Our services are available at affordable prices, and all of our work is done by licensed professionals who prioritize quality workmanship.


Common Toilet Problems

Since every home has a toilet, inevitably problems will arise. Whether it’s a toilet that is constantly running, won’t flush, or is clogged, there is really no shortage of issues that a toilet can cause.

Your Toilet is Constantly Running

A toilet that is constantly running wastes a lot of water. Constant running water is typically indicative of a faulty fill valve. This component guarantees that the water level returns to normal after each flush. If it is destroyed, water will gradually fill the higher tank. However, a damaged flush valve could be the source of your problem. After you flush, this valve directs stored water from the tank into the toilet bowl. Water will constantly run into the toilet bowl if it breaks or splits.

Toilet Will Not Flush

If the flapper gets disconnected from the upper tank system, it can prevent the flush mechanism from working properly. Reattaching the chain that connects the handle to the fill valve mechanism will occasionally solve the problem. If we notice chain is still attached, our plumber will inspect the nuts inside the tank to check the connections. This is because sometimes these connections may become unfastened and must be refastened.

There are a lot of ways you can address a weak toilet flush. Sometimes you can fix this problem on your own, although a professional is typically required if the above things we mentioned aren’t working. Our plumbers can do more difficult jobs, without the risk of creating more problems.

Toilet Parts & Plumbing Are Failing

Toilet leaks are one of the most typical problems, largely due to faulty plumbing in general. Water supply lines and around the base of the toilet are two of the most noticeable places where your toilet can leak. Dripping sounds from the upper tank are occasionally an indication of a leak.

If the toilet’s base is leaking, a plumber can inspect the wax ring that seals the toilet’s base against the bathroom floor. Water can collect around the base of your toilet if this wears down. This can also occur if the toilet flange is damaged. The toilet flange is located beneath the toilet’s base and connects the flush system to your home’s plumbing.

Faulty Fill Valve or Refill System

If the fill valve does not appear to be faulty, the real issue may be trash deeper within the water system. Some cleansers can break up this dirt and push it into the rest of your plumbing. When this does not solve the problem, professional equipment is usually required.

Clogged Toilet

A clog is one of the most common problems with a toilet that you can probably address on your own. For smaller clogs, a plunger can break up the blockage and generate enough pressure to remove it from your pipes. Larger clogs, on the other hand, should be addressed with the help of professionals. Otherwise, wastewater may overflow the bowl and pour onto the floor of your bathroom and may create more problems.
Specialized blocked services conducted by professional plumbers typically employ drain snake tools. Drain snake tools are also known as closet or toilet augers. Therefore it is usually better to leave the problem for our plumbers to fix since they are  equipped not only with powerful tools, but knowing how to fix these common issues quickly.

Toilet Needs to Be Replaced

You should learn when to replace your toilet. If the damage is especially severe, replacing a toilet is usually more cost-effective. Additionally, when buying a new toilet, one should also figure out what is the best toilet for your home.

Common Parts of a Toilet That Break

Since every home has a toilet, inevitably problems will arise. Whether it’s a toilet that is constantly running, won’t flush, or is clogged, there is really no shortage of issues that a toilet can cause.


The ballcock is a hollow floating ball inside the toilet tank.

Flush Valve

The flush valve is located in the center of the toilet tank.

Flush Handle

The flush handle is what you push down for the flushing mechanism to work.

Toilet Base

The toilet base is the part of your toilet touching the floor. This is a common area where leakages can begin seeping through.

Do I repair or replace my toilet?

When it comes time to decide whether to replace or repair an unreliable old toilet, there are several factors to consider. Toilets should ordinarily remain operational for the long haul, but if you encounter frequent untoward issues, it’s likely you will require professional services to resolve them permanently. These can include things such as excessive water usage or difficulty in flushing, among other common problems.

Tank Don’t Fill Up the Water

If your toilet has stopped refilling the water in the tank, and you think it is your sign to get it replaced, then you’re definitely making the wrong decision. It usually happens because of a malfunction with the valve and can be fixed by replacing it, but you only have to make sure you find the exact parts.

Low Water Level

The water pressure and level must stay remain consistent. If you notice a lower level, then check the tank to see if the valve has not been accidentally closed. It can also happen because of clogging, which can be fixed by a professional plumber. Also, if you notice water leaking from the sides of your toilet, it can be a severe issue.

Running Toilet

A running toilet happens when there’s water continuously running into the bowl. This can be annoying to handle, and you also waste a lot of water daily, which can affect your water bill. You can try using a flapper down to see if it stops running, and if it doesn’t stop, you need to get your flapper replaced.

If you are not aware of the plumbing issues, then it must be confusing to recognize when your toilet isn’t working right. Well, here are some of the signs you should notice to know it is the right time to get your toilet replaced.

Toilet Seat Moving

If you observe a wobble, shimmy or jiggle in your toilet, it is unsafe to use and can cause significant structural damage to your home or workplace. It can also signal an active water leak so always get a professional inspection prior to replacement.

Porcelain Scratches

Porcelain cracks or scratches can be a huge sign that you need to replace your toilet. When it starts having cracks, it causes bacteria and dirt to build up, which is nearly impossible to clean properly. Also, sometimes it can cause more significant problems than dirt that can lead to water damage and similar issues.

It’s Constantly Clogging

It is normal to have occasional clogging in your toilet, but if the issue is frequent and you are facing it on a daily basis, that can become a costly problem for you to handle. There can be various reasons for this issue, and it is better to replace your toilet to end this issue permanently.

Professional Toilet Repairs

Choosing well-trained plumbers is your best bet for any toilet problem you run into. They can easily handle new toilet installations, relying on a specific order designed to ensure secure connections. Toilet repair and installation aren’t tasks you want to mess up, they should be handled carefully to prevent leaks or other problems somewhere else in your home’s plumbing. The bottom line is that hiring a professional will result in a significantly superior job, which is completed in a shorter amount of time.


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